Healthy Land and Water is dedicated to the care of our unique and beautiful land, waterways and biodiversity.


Our Clean Up program collects over 250,000 pieces of litter every year, helping to keep our SEQ waterways clean. 


Over 4,000 landowners have now registered for the Land for Wildlife program, helping to preserve our natural assets. 


More than 900 hectares of land was treated for weed control under our vegetation management programs in 2016.


In 2016, flood resilience solutions were applied to more than 63 kilometres of stream bank, helping to keep our waterways strong. 




How healthy is your local catchment ?

The annual Healthy Land & Water Report Card communicates the health of South East Queensland’s waterways.


About Us

Healthy Land and Water is an independent organisation working to improve the sustainable use of land and waterways in South-East Queensland. 

Our evidence-based knowledge, innovative tools and extensive networks mean we are well-placed to reduce the leading pressures on our natural environment and provide best-practice scientific advice to inform waterway and landscape investment.  

We monitor and report on the condition of South East Queensland's waterways and provide capacity building for professionals and community groups. We support policy and planning decisions that benefit our natural assets, and our education programs inspire and motivate the community to value and protect our local environment. 

With a head office in Brisbane and several other offices in regional areas, we work across all of South East Queensland. We have a long track record of successful initiatives that have improved the condition of the region's natural resources, providing economic value and supporting community engagement with healthy land and water assets.  

Our team reflects our knowledge and passion and our partners include prominent local leaders, government and community members.


Our Purpose

At Healthy Land and Water, we aim to preserve South East Queensland's natural assets for today's communities and for future generations. We believe that maintaining healthy landscapes and waterways is not just important for wildlife and ecosystems but also supports a vibrant economy, strong livelihoods, great lifestyles and the well-being of our communities.

South East Queensland is world-renowned for its tropical climate, fresh air, clean beaches and waterways, as well its diverse flora and fauna. At Healthy Land and Water we are committed to preserving these assets so that the community can take advantage of the sustainable living and recreational opportunities our region offers, while also contributing to the greater tourism economy.

Our Approach
Our Results

We take a collaborative approach to preserving our natural assets, involving landholders, community groups, industry, Traditional Owners and government.

We work to share understanding and knowledge, we promote regional collaboration, and we identify solutions across the whole water and land cycle.

Researchers and policymakers (including government representatives from China, Singapore, The Philippines and Indonesia) have extensively studied our collaborative style.

Our work has also attracted national attention with formal commendations from the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists and the Australian House of Representatives.


Healthy Land and Water has:

  • Initiated the annual Healthy Land and Water Report Card, a critical annual assessment of the current environmental condition and the level of social and economic benefit that waterways provide to local communities. The Report Card has provided previously unidentified information for the community and has helped shape natural resource management plans for Councils. View 2016 results now.
  • Researched and designed the innovative Go2zone vending machines that offer an alternative to plastic water bottles with purchasable reusable bottles and FREE chilled water to fill any reusable bottles at any time. You can support the project here.
  • Worked with state and local governments to create the South East Queensland Natural Resource Management (NRM) Plan 2009-2031, a roadmap for the future of the region’s natural assets. 
  • Established the South East Queensland denomination the land care program Land for Wildlife (LFW), which to date protects over 50,000 hectares of local habitat. 
  • Been widely recognised, having received 14 awards since 2007 for various programs, including education, information resources and sustainability initiatives.  
  • Secured funding from government and businesses for projects to improve grazing, reduce erosion, repair waterways, manage pests and weeds, restore degraded habitats and look after our coastal areas.
  • Worked with governments at all levels to align policy and planning with the objectives of the South East Queensland NRM Plan.
  • Responded to urgent community needs, such as the 2011 and 2013 Brisbane floods as well as the 2009 Moreton Bay oil spill disaster.
  • Provided advice, training, support, services and workshops for the community.
  • Developed an innovative program to introduce seagrass friendly moorings in Moreton Bay, resulting in the regrowth of significant areas of seagrass. 
  • 2015 Queensland Outdoor Recreation Awards 
  • Winner - Queensland Government Environmental Award for our Up the Creek and Down the Drain education initiative
  • Finalist - Nature Play QLD Award for our Up the Creek and Down the Drain education initiative
  • Finalist - Queensland Government Award for Encouraging Participation in Outdoor Recreation for our Connect to Your Creek Week initiative

2015 Premier's Sustainability Awards 

  • Highly Commended - Community Award for our education initiatives 
  • Finalist - Built Environment Award for our Living Waterways framework 

2015 Stormwater Queensland Awards for Excellence

  • Winner - Excellence in Research and Innovation for our Offsite Stormwater Quality Solutions Discussion Paper 

‚Äč2014 Queensland Outdoor Recreation Awards

  • Finalist - for our Up the Creek and Down the Drain education initiative

2014 Australian Marine Environment Protection Association

  • Winner - Environmental Award for waterway litter reduction achievements

2013 Stormwater Industry Association of Queensland

  • Winner - Excellence in Asset Management for our stormwater treatment asset managment guidelines

2013 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA)

  • Winner - Nationally Significant Programs for the Stewardship of Water

2013 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA)

  • Winner – Medal for Flood of Ideas

2011 Australian Water Association (AWA) National

  • Winner - National Program Innovation Award

2010 Stormwater Industry Association (SIA) National

  • Winner - Excellence in Asset Management

2010 Australian Water Association (AWA) Queensland

  • Winner - National Program Innovation Award for Water by Design

2009 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA)

  • Winner – Excellence in Research and Communication for our “Concept Design Guidelines for Water Sensitive Urban Design”

2009 Banksia Environmental Award for Water

2009 Stormwater Industry Association (SIA) Queensland

  • Winner - Excellence in Stormwater Research/Education for our ”Concept Design Guidelines for Water Sensitive Urban Design”

2009 Stormwater Industry Association (SIA) National Excellence Awards

  • Winner – Excellence in Stormwater Education

2008 Stormwater Industry Association National Excellence Awards

  • Winner – Excellence in Stormwater Education

2007 Stormwater Industry Association National Excellence Awards

  • Winner – Excellence in Stormwater Education

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