2017 Biological Conservation Paper - Enhancing the performance of marine reserves in estuaries: Just add water (719.4 KB)

April 2017

A new scientific paper released in April 2017 has Healthy Land and Water scientists working with University of the Sunshine Coast to understand how nature reserves can be placed better in our marine environments to enhance fish biodiversity. South East Queensland contains a large diversity of estuarine fish species that underpin a vibrant recreational and commercial fish industry. These fish communities are under pressure due to loss of estuarine habitat.


Article - New partnership is set to transform recreational fishing in South East Queensland

14 June 2016

Assessing Seagrass Depth Range Data - Moreton Bay (251.9 KB)


The objective of this project was to evaluate the usability and quality of existing data collected through Seagrass Watch and the Monitoring Program's seagrass depth range data to determine historical changes in Caulerpa taxifolio distribution in Moreton Bay.