Healthy Land and Water is dedicated to the care of our unique and beautiful land, waterways and biodiversity.


Our Clean Up program collects over 250,000 pieces of litter every year, helping to keep our SEQ waterways clean. 


Over 4,000 landowners have now registered for the Land for Wildlife program, helping to preserve our natural assets. 


More than 900 hectares of land was treated for weed control under our vegetation management programs in 2016.


In 2016, flood resilience solutions were applied to more than 63 kilometres of stream bank, helping to keep our waterways strong. 


What's your Nature?

What’s your nature? is an initiative to connect the Brisbane community to their urban waterways and help increase understanding and appreciation for our natural environment. 

Our outdoor spaces, including our waterways, provide us with a great avenue to reconnect with each other and ourselves and helps decrease everyday stress, reduce anxiety and improve our overall well-being.

With 12 catchments across Brisbane, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to get involved outdoors, whether it’s volunteering, getting some #LunchtimeSunshine or finding ways to reduce stress.

Discover how What’s Your Nature? is delivering on-ground activities that are contributing to make Brisbane City a better place to live, work, and play.